Who am I?

Sun Jul 13, 2014

Local Minimum is

The Local Minimum is a well defined and strictly compartmentalized persona roaming the gamedev habitat of the binary world. It was conceived well before Internet was as common as the fork in your cupboard, roaming BBS:s, hacking DOS-config files and writing embryos of programs. This first larval stage was so distinct in all its expressions and appearances, that science long considered it a different species entirely.

Due to malnutrition, unfortunate alignment of celestial bodies, and unlucky roll of two T12 dice against 7. Local Minimum entered a special resting stage, the dauer larva, for more than a decade. Then one day, Python whispered a sweet syntax into its pseudo-dormant ears and the metamorphosis into the adult stage commenced.

Local Minimum is not

  • Intrinsic Photography, an enthusiastic photographer, and GIMP filers connoisseur of dubious taste.

  • Rhyme as Reason, a smith or words and meaning.

  • Dr. Zackrisson - naturalist, misanthrope (especially newly hatched and lively critters) and generally serious fellow.

  • Herr Ordf√∂rande, a victim of his inclination to take on leadership, Herr Ordf√∂rande finds his way into the board of all organizations that crosses his path.

  • Martin Zackrisson, a colonial species of many specialized interests cooperating to survive (trained micro-biologist, academic, coder, lover of shoveling, home brewer, and according to some: liar).